est. MMXII

I'm Sean Grossman from Long Island, NY. Im 23 years old and have been blading around 10 years now.  I reside in Island Park, NY with my family and dog. I currently ride for Oak City Skateshop and Flow for Xsjado skates. Rollerblading isn't just my hobby, it's my life.  I feel I'm  the happiest when I'm out skating with my friends. As I was younger, a lot of my friends quit blading when we reached high school, so I befriended some of Long Island's best skaters.  Growing up with them pushing me definately impacted my progression over the years. I was really excited when Long asked me to be a part of the Oak City team!  I couldn't be happier representing one of the best shops in the US....  Beside from finishing my DVD "Big Apple Blade" this year, I came in 1st place in last years Oil City Slickest Blader competition.  Some skaters that inspire me today are Micah Yeager, Chase Rushing, Chris Farmer, Kelsos, and KC Roche.  This year I plan to put out more edits for the companies that support me, maybe start another film, maintain good grades in school, and utilize the beach that's 5 minutes away from my house