Hey whats up everybody, My names Pablo Muñoz and I'm from New York City. Im 18 Years old and I've been Rollerblading since January 31st 2009, so a little over five years now. Ive been beyond passionate about the sport since before I knew what aggressive blades even were, just riding around in my sisters rollerblades jumping garbage cans and riding down slides at the age of 10 or so. I was introduced to my first skate in the heart of the winter being the Razor cult 6 skate in which got me started in what people thought would be a hobby but in reality became a lifestyle. Along the way I have met great friends through rollerblading like my best friend Chauncey Jenkins who taught me everything he possibly could to help shape the skater I am today. Some pros I look up to are, Franco Camayo, David sizemore, Jon Bolino, And of course, Brian Aragon. Well that pretty much wraps that up. Support Oak City skate shop!!

Photo: Vincent Morretino

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