Hello my name is Casey Wilson, I ride for Oak City skate shop, Bulletprufe denim, Fester wheels, and Razors skates. I have been skating for 13 years and I still look forward to every time I get to put on my skates. I have been very fortunate in my time skating to have won a few contests and had a DVD section made by my good friend Stefan Brandow but I still feel like my greatest accomplishment in skating is the good times I have had in places that I would have never been if it weren't for skating. Oak City is an amazing thing in my opinion because it gives the East Coast a legit blade shop that it was lacking since Skatepile closed. My favorite things outside of skating are hanging out with my dogs and playing around on the internet. My goal for this year is just to travel around and meet more awesome people and skate new and interesting spots.

est. MMXII