Hi, I'm Avery Ungaro.  I'm 18 years young and I've been blading for 9 years now.  My family thought it was a phase but as we can see, it's an unbreakable bond.  I moved to nc about 6 years ago from the Orlando area and now I reside in Charlotte / concord area where I skate as much as possible either by myself or with NC's finest Montre Livingston, Phil Gripper, and our very own Jon cooley.  So far this year I have made it to the finals in many comps, and I did win the Cleveland Blade contest this November.  Some of the bladers I look up to are, Jon Bolino, David Sizemore, Geoff Phillips, and Cody Porche.  Be on the look out for any  new edits and my section in the Flip Video Project being produced by Hunter Kale this next year.

est. MMXII