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Every order is filled promptly.  Expect tracking and your order shipped by within 6 hours.


3 Ways of communication
We can be reached by phone from 8am-9pm everyday.  But if it's extremely dire, feel free to email or Facebook message us at any time!


Commitment to 100% Satisfaction 
Your happiness is our happiness, and it's important to us that when the order is fullfilled that your are 100% satisfied.  If you are not, please call!

Oak City Inline Skate Shop has been in business for almost 4 years and offers great inline skating product at great prices.  We are known for our great customer service and great pricing on anything you'd want.  We may not have a particular item in stock but can special order you anything, it just takes a call or email.  Whether you want ride around town, get technical with slalom skating, or do aggressive inline skating, we're the shop for you!

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